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Heater and Air Conditioner for Cabins and Lodges

Heater and Air Conditioner for Cabins and Lodges

ClimateRight™ is your best cabin and lodge total cooling solution! Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort!

Until now, total cooling solutions for these types of applications did not exist. Now there is ClimateRight™ portable or permanent air conditioning for small outdoor rooms and enclosed spaces.

ClimateRight Dual-Hose 10,000 btu and 5,000 btu HVAC systems operate similarly to the larger, more expensive central units that climate control homes. But now - in a small, affordable, but powerful unit.

The 12,000btu DIY Ductless Mini Split also is a simple installation which does not require a licensed HVAC technician. The line-sets do not need to be vacuumed or charged. The system is Quick Connect.​

How does it work?

The CR10000ACH (and CR5000ACH for small rooms) Cabin and Shed Air Conditioner uses a dual, two​ hose assembly into the outside wall (ClimateRight™ sits outside the enclosure). You will need to drill 2 small holes through the wall of your structure. After installation, simply plug in your ClimateRight™ to any 110v electric outle​t or generator​. ​Check out the wired remote thermostat for inside the room functional control of your unit.​

The CR12000SACH ​uses a Quick Connect hook-up with an inside wall-mounted blower, and an outside level-ground or platform mounted compressor unit. This is an ideal unit for this application.

ClimateRight does not Warranty or recommend permanent mounting of our AC and Heating units, unless installed by an authorized ClimateRight installer or OEM for an approved application. The reason for this is that we cannot control the quality of aftermarket mounting, and wear and tear related to applications unknown to us. We specifically do not recommend or Warranty permanent mounting on Truck Cabs, Trailers, RVs, and Campers.

Climateright Cabin FAQ

Q: How Does ClimateRight Work?

A: ClimateRight is a small, portable air conditioner and heater that runs on regular 110v electric. The unit sits outside of your enclosure and is ducted into the space with two hoses and an easy quick connect system. You will need to drill two small holes into the structure for this to work. The unit and ideal, affordable cooling and heating solution for small cabins, work sheds, and garden sheds.

Q: What are the main benefits of ClimateRight?

A: ClimateRight is a great alternative to unsightly window units, or inefficient indoor portable heaters and coolers.  ClimateRight acts as a dedicated complete climate control system year-round. The unit sits outside of the structure and can be fitted with louver vents inside for a smart finished look.

Q: Is ClimateRight easy to install?

A:  Yes. Hookup requires drilling two small holes into the pet structure and assembling our easy “quick connect” flanges and duct work. Reference our assembly instructions for more details.

Q: What size is right for my enclosure?

A: Since these types of enclosures vary widely in size and insulation, we developed a calculator to help you decide which unit is right.

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