According to the recently published 2014 American Camper Report published by The Coleman Company and The Outdoor Foundation, electricity was considered the greatest luxury on a camping trip. While we totally agree that electricity and being out in nature are not always thought to go hand-in-hand, we ask – why not?

Westinghouse WH2000iXLT and 2400i Explorer Series

This is the modern age and we like our creature comforts. We hate to say it – but our laptops and phones are sort of in our DNA now. There is no sin in watching a good movie under the stars, or being able to contact authorities by cell phone if some creeper is camping nearby and you get uncomfortable. Ever thought about a small gas-powered device that is easy to transport, set up, start, and put away? You have found it.


It’s called a portable inverter gas generator. We are not talking about the huge, heavy, storm and power outage type of generator. No, no. We are talking portable power so cheap and easy you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Our pick is the 2000 watt Westinghouse WH2000iXLT or the 2400 watt WH2400i for Campers. The camper model has all sort of additional features like USB ports and a little more power than the base model.  The inverter technology is so quiet. And it is safe for all of your temperamental electronics.


Another finding from the American Camper report that we found interesting: Tents were considered the most essential piece of camping gear.  Well this comes as no surprise. Who wants to sleep in the unknown elements that may come at you? And we here at ClimateRight like sleeping in our skivvies (mostly) – so a tent makes sense. Hmmm…how about an air conditioned tent?


At the possible risk of you becoming a glamping snob, we highly suggest you look at the ClimateRight portable outdoor weather air conditioner and heaters.  So who cares what the neighbors think! You are your own decision maker and you like to be comfortable when faced with hot humid summer camping (or cold Fall night camping)!  


So we are just trying to let our valued patrons and interested parties know that modern camping equipment is both here, easily affordable and quite practical.


What is best, is that you can merry up the Westinghouse generator with your ClimateRight air conditioner and heater, and never need an electrical plug.  #1 “luxury” item solved – and being comfortable in the elements to boot– priceless.