The Most Hassle Free and Easy New 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner and Heater There is a new entrant in the portable air conditioning and heating space. The ClimateRight CR13000PAC cools, heats and dehumidifies up to 500 square foot rooms with ease, simplicity and style. The installation and maintenance are virtually nil. No holes in the wall. No ugly window mount. Little or no emptying excess water (with proper 2-hose vented installation). The unit is stylish and smart looking, worthy of being seen, not hidden. Spare bedrooms, living rooms, basements, attics, room additions, apartments, condos – anything you can think of that requires relief. This portable unit provides 13,000 BTUs per hour of cooling capacity and 12,500 BTUs per hour of heating capacity with three fan speeds – easily covering 500 square feet of space. The remote control lets you select the mode (heat or A/C), fan speed, timer and temperature. Fans oscillate for optimal airflow disbursement. The integrated and washable air filter provides fresh, clean air, while the dehumidifier removes up to 60 pints of ambient moisture per day. Everything is included for maximum performance by venting both intake and exhaust through a window or sliding glass door. For added convenience, the CR13000PAC can operate using a single hose exhaust and internal air intake. Regardless of the configuration, set up takes minutes and only requires a screwdriver. Manufactured in the same factory as other top known brands, you can feel confident that the ClimateRight CR13000PAC Portable Indoor Air Conditioner and Heater will consistently and efficiently deliver clean, comfortable air for years to come. ClimateRight’s mission is to improve your atmosphere. Indoors and out.