For anyone going camping this weekend, pack up the SUV or truck and take your teardrop trailer in comfort with ClimateRight’s CR5000ACH air-conditioning and heating unit. Even great outdoors enthusiasts like to camp in comfort. Campers need to be warm at night and if your teardrop trailer will be directly in the sunlight during the daytime, you’ll need the creature comforts of heating AND air-conditioning!


The CR5000ACH cools a teardrop trailer so quickly that you'll feel like you are still inside of your house! On chilly nights when you can't step outside without a coat on, you and your family will stay warm and comfortable inside of your teardrop trailer as you use the CR5000ACH's  infrared remote control to set the thermostat on the CR5000ACH to the ideal temperature. 


Being close to nature shouldn't be uncomfortable. With the portable CR5000ACH attached to your teardrop trailer or small RV, you can ensure that your camping experience will be an escape into nature with ideal comfort. ClimateRight’s CR5000ACH air-conditioner and heater cools, heats, dehumidifies and filters the air, maximizing your enjoyment of the camping experience day and night!