Our “Outdoor Units”, are self-contained, portable, and sit “free standing” on a platform or level ground. That is to say, the unit sit on the exterior of enclosures like small living sheds, outdoor pet houses, small RVs, playhouses, boat cabins, etc. The key difference is its outside versus inside. Away from you, your pet or your things. 

 CR5000ACH on Teardrop Trailer

All of our outdoor units have a item numbers such as CR2500ACH, CR5000ACH, and CR10000ACH, designating the approximate BTU cooling and heating power, and “ACH” designating that the unit both air conditions and heats.


ClimateRight “ACH” air conditioners and heaters utilize a 2-port, closed air exchange system. It is required that two small holes be drilled into your structure. You then fasten the dual-hose into the ClimateRight and your structure, using our proprietary building flange and quick connect snap-in system. It is very easy.


What are the benefits of this? First, people love that the unit sits outside and away from them. Out of sight, out of mind. This is the opposite of unsightly window units, through-wall units, and portables. This is also aesthetically more pleasing than other options.


Second, since the unit sits outside, it effectively is quieter. The portability is an added bonus. Many people buy multiple hose and installation kits so they can “port” their ClimateRight to wherever they many need it – a small RV, a tent, or to spot cool a workshop, for example.


While we now offer traditional indoor placed cooling and heating products (some requiring venting), we will always be innovating and improving the way people like to stay comfortable in hot and cold temperatures.