We hope you are happy to see that ClimateRight has a new, fresher, cleaner look and feel. You will find it easier to navigate, and easier to find what you are looking for. Also, you should notice some new categories and products!

Our focus began with one simple air conditioner and heater that was used primarily to cool and heat outdoor doghouses. We have since broadened our product line and categories to be organized into three different segments: Air Comfort, Portable Power, and Air Quality.

Air Comfort

Air Comfort is all about air conditioning and heating indoor and outdoor applications. As always, we have products suitable for those special applications like outdoor doghouses, tear drop trailers, small campers, small living sheds and buildings, small enclosed tents, kiosks and many others. Our goal is to improve your atmosphere anywhere important to you in the summer and winter weather.

The 2500 and 5000 btu 2-port outdoor free standing portable systems are best sellers. Soon, we will be launching the CR1000ACH self-contained, outdoor free standing 2-port systems that will handle even larger spaces like garages, cabins, room additions, enclosed buildings, trailers and the like. If you want to be notified of the availability, please sign up for updates on our website.

Other Air Comfort products now include the deluxe, high efficiency 13,000btu CR13000PAC Portable Indoor Room Air Conditioner and Heater. This new item is perfect to set up inside your room, and vent the 2-hose system out a window or sliding door. The efficiency of this portable beats all 1-hose or non-ducted units in the market, if set up using both ports. Plus it heats, dehumidifies and exhausts condensation outdoors – away from you and your space. We think you will find value in the price for this product.

Later this summer, we will be launching the new 12,000btu portable mini-split air conditioner and heater. It will be very popular because it is both “quick connect” and DIY – easy to install, and no need for licensed, expensive HVAC technicians. This is a game changer. Contractors, electricians, handymen, apartment and hotel maintenance personnel, and even regular, everyday household consumers (with some mechanical aptitude) will appreciate the value, quality and ease of installation. There will be much more to follow about this.

Portable Power

Since many of our portable air conditioners and heaters are used outdoors by campers, RV-ers, and those that generally just love the outdoors – we added the Portable Power category. We recognize that many times regular 110V electric is not available. We scoured the market for the best generators we could find for the money. The value of Westinghouse won hands down. Our flagship model is the 2000 Watt Inverter that you can take anywhere, and even parallel connect an additional unit to double the power. Westinghouse inverters and portables run long, are very fuel efficient, and quiet. For those that are used to Generac, Honda, and Yamaha, we invite you to try Westinghouse – the fastest growing brand in the market.

Air Quality

As long as we are in the business of improving your personal atmosphere, it would make sense to improve not only the comfort – but the quality - of the air you breathe.

Again, we researched, talked to people, and found out what your needs are: allergens, dust, viruses/bacteria, and odors were the most prevalent concerns. Behind that, VOCs or “volatile organic compounds” were a nasty concern in some environments.

We sought after factories, engineers, experts and partners who believed, as we did, that we want products that address all of these needs, at a fair price, and with some style for your home or office. We invite you to check out our introductory product line of iAirQ products for small and medium rooms in your home, apartment or office.

Our passion is improving your atmosphere any way we can! From doghouse heat and air conditioning to camping heat and air conditioning to air purification and portable power, ClimateRight continues to deliver market leading air comfort and air quality solutions. Thanks for your interest in ClimateRight products and contact us anytime for information.