Winter is coming.


Okay, it’s not here yet, but winter is not too far around the corner. The coming of the holiday season brings with it the cold. Even though the cold forces you to wear more layers, there is an undeniable beauty that accompanies the changing of seasons.  The leaves changes colors and the silhouettes of the trees begin to become visible. Soon their bare branches will be covered with sparkling, fluffy white snow…


BUT WAIT, winter isn’t quite here yet, which means you can still go outside and enjoy the weather without a down coat. But even so, the coming of the cold weather makes us yearn for the hotter months when no extra layers are required. Yet the beautiful changing of the seasons calls us outside even though our summer bodies are unaccustomed to the cold.


In situations like these, it is almost as if there are two selves: the Adventurous self (who wants to go outside) and the Comfortable self (who would rather not be bothered and stay inside).  You’re hoping your Adventurous self will make an appearance and give you the energy to brave the cold weather and go camping so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but your Comfy self beckons: “Netflix, blanket, hot chocolate…”


Luckily for both of your selves, ClimateRight makes it so you can take the warmth with you on your camping trip. Whether you travel with an RV, teardrop trailer or an enclosed pop up tent, ClimateRight has you covered. The ClimateRight CR5000ACH Portable Outdoor Heater and Air Conditioner is ideal for heating and cooling areas up to 1,200 cubic feet and includes fan-only, dehumidifying, auto and sleep modes. Added conveniences include an auto on/off timer, 3 fan speeds and an infrared remote control. This portable heating and air conditioning unit is easily installed and sits outside of your home in the woods so as not to take up your living space. If you camp without hookups, ClimateRight offers a selection of portable and quiet gas-powered inverter generators (Westinghouse WH2000iXLT and WH2400i) are compatible with the CR5000ACH.


ClimateRight keeps you covered and comfortable whether you are snuggled up in your bed watching Netflix or outdoors braving the winter cold. With ClimateRight you don’t have to choose between your Adventurous self and your Comfortable self, you can be both!