Many times, having two of something is better than having one– especially when having two increases overall efficiency. Popular indoor portable air conditioners come in single and dual-hose models…and two hoses are definitely better than one. If you want something more than a space heater or spot cooler, there are several reasons why dual-hose systems should be a primary consideration.


A single-hose portable air conditioner will have an issue maintaining balanced air pressure between the indoor space relative to the outside. Because a single-hose unit uses an internal air intake that draws air from within the room, it must work much harder to replace the volume of air that is exhausted to the outside. Imagine a bedroom with the door closed. As air is continuously exhausted to the outside, it will need to find air from someplace. With the door to the hallway closed, it will need to work even harder by pulling in air from around windows and through cracks. Not only is this inefficient, it also mixes unconditioned air into the space that is being heated or cooled.


Owners of single-hose portable air conditioners typically experience negative indoor air pressure. This occurs when the unit exhausts more air than it is able to takes in. Signs that you are experiencing negative air pressure include doors that become difficult to open, doors that unexpectedly slam shut, and air whistling through cracks, from under doors and around windows. All of these are indications that your system is not working as efficiently as it should.


But how does a dual hose portable unit work? And why is it really so different from a single hose portable unit?

CR13000PAC Dual Hose Heat and Air Conditioning


A dual-hose portable air conditioner, like the ClimateRight CR13000PAC, incorporates a second hose to draw air from the outside instead of from the inside. This system maintains equalized air pressure and ensures efficient and consistent air exchanges. Conditioned air from a two-hose system circulates easily throughout the room without noticeable drafts for more even heating and cooling. Finally, dual-hose units can heat and cool larger areas and maintain the level of air comfort more easily and efficiently– and no more doors slamming unexpectedly!


Although the CR13000PAC can be operated as both a single and dual-hose unit, it is highly recommended that both hoses are used. It takes only a few minutes to set it up to experience the effective and efficient heating, cooling and dehumidifying. With the ability to heat and cool large rooms up to 500 square feet, the ClimateRight CR13000PAC Portable Indoor Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier is worth a look.