Coffee shops offering a double or triple shot hot beverage have realized even greater profits and something far more significant than java: hot spots and Wi-Fi. In order to compete with retail chains, independent coffee shops and various other public establishments have added hot spots throughout much of the developed world that allow customers to access the internet while enjoying delicious beverages and pastries.While these hot spots are well known in today۪s technology-driven society, another application and use of these words exists. Modern server equipment and technologies run much faster and hotter creating increased vulnerability for adverse situations called hot spots behind equipment racks or near larger machines.

It's important to keep a data center or server room's temperature within the recommended ranges associated with the corresponding hardware. If you do not, the result is premature equipment failures, system crashes, random reboots and overall poor performance which is costly and disruptive to business continuity.Heat dissipation from your servers will require adequate ventilation and cooling, so it is important to take proactive steps to protect your equipment and ensure maximum productivity.

Today۪s portable air conditioner is the best solution to cooling small server rooms and closets and preventing equipment damage in the informational technology sector. Typically, server rooms and closets are interior, enclosed spaces and the heat from equipment can increase the ambient temperature beyond equipment specifications. Portable air conditioning units can run continuously, efficiently and quietly even in the case of a power failure or on nights or weekends. Portable units are self-contained and do not require permanent installation which allows for mobility as needed.

Today۪s coffee connoisseur will verify that a cup of hot java has benefits beyond warming the body in cold climates over other warm beverages. For example: A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers are: less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia and have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems and strokes. Likewise, there are benefits of utilizing portable air conditioners to cool information technology equipment instead of relying on central air conditioning systems that are often unreliable.

What are the benefits of a portable air conditioner to cool small server rooms and closets? One key benefit is that the unit is out of the way while providing peace of mind that no water and condensation collects and damages your valuable equipment. ClimateRightâ manufactures portable units that are unique because they can be positioned outside of the server room or closet. It is important to choose the model that works best for your individual space based on size. There are two models to choose from. The ClimateRight CR-2550 for server rooms 5-300 cubic feet. The ClimateRight CR-7000 works best for server rooms 300-1000 cubic feet. If you have rooms larger than 1000 cubic feet, you will need to consider purchasing multiple units to maximize effectiveness.

Next time you are enjoying your favorite cup of java, remember that the coffee shop is the best place for a hot spot۪ and not in the server room or data center at the office.