Meet Alex. He’s in his mid-twenties and like most people in their mid-twenties he’s figuring his life out. Trying lots of new things, he’s learning as he goes. Alex has an apartment in an urban environment. Maybe he lives in a large metropolitan city. Maybe he works at a newspaper, or a law firm, or some other type of office environment. Commuting to work everyday; sometimes he walks, sometimes he takes the bus. He might work in a tiny office with a lot of people. After work, Alex might go home to a tiny apartment with a lot of roommates or multiple pets—or a tiny apartment with a mixture of both.

Wherever Alex is throughout his day, he’s usually breathing in toxins or potential allergens. Busy, urban environments are a ton of fun to live in and perhaps part of their appeal is that busy, urban environments expose us to a lot of climate changes. There’s smog, rain and snow, and there are also particles in the air from the luxuries we enjoy. The bus Alex takes to work emits carbon monoxide and other gases. Perhaps construction is being done on his route to work, so he is exposed to dust and concrete particles during the day.  Home environments may not be clean either, remember he has cats and roommates who might be smokers. Maybe Alex has asthma, or maybe he’s allergic to pollen or cat hair. Whatever his specific allergies or pollutants, Alex has to breathe in a lot of different substances everyday.

Clean Air Alex

Changing the outdoor environment isn’t an option, but changing his indoor environment is. If Alex wants to clean the air in his indoor environments, he might consider purchasing an air purifier, like ClimateRight’s iAir450 and iAirQ600.  

The desktop iAirQ450 excels at purifying the air in rooms up to 450 square feet, so it’s perfect for Alex’s small office.  Corporate workspaces are often filled with compressed wood, carpet, and a multitude of materials that release toxins into the air over prolonged periods. The iAirQ450 easily alleviates these problems, as well as stale, uncirculated air, through the elimination of bacteria, sterilization and deoderization of his workplace surroundings.

Alex’s immediate home space can be alleviated of allergens as well with the help of the iAirQ600.  Covering up to 600 square feet, this unit expertly removes common home allergens such as pet dander, potential smoke from roommates, and dust mites commonly found in living quarters. For a fraction of what he spends on rent, Alex can enjoy purified air and reduced symptoms caused by airborne irritants. By committing to this small investment in his quality of life, Alex can easily bring the unit with him to future housing or even on vacation to hotel rooms.  

Its multi-functional air filtration system removes airborne particles including dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander, as well as odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. It’s ideal for small spaces and enclosures frequented by smokers, allergy and asthma sufferers, children, the elderly, pregnant women and anyone else who wants to breathe a little easier.

Unlike other air purifiers, the iAirQ450 a 3-stage multi-filter while the iAir600 kicks it up a notch with a 6-stage multi-filter. Most air purifiers only have one filter, but the ClimateRight units, despite their compact size, utilize multiple integrated filters. In the iAirQ450, a pre-filter traps larger airborne particles to keep them from clogging the other filters. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively removing dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander and some germs. A modified activated carbon filter absorbs 95% of formaldehyde gas and effectively removes methylbenzene and dimethylbenzene — VOCs common in cleaning solvents. In addition to these filters, the iAirQ600

iAirQ600 and iAirQ450also has a titanium dioxide filter and an ion generator. The titanium dioxide filer works with a 254 micron UV lamp to kill bacteria and germs. The ion generator makes particles easier to capture by causing them to clump together. In both units, the final filter combines with a UV light source to eliminate odors, bacteria, and potential viruses that might be lurking in the air.  The more times the air goes through the filter, the cleaner and more “pure” the air becomes. So as either unit continues to run throughout the day, Alex receives increased, continued respiratory benefits.   

Like most people in their twenties, Alex is operating on a learning curve and smaller budget.  But one aspect he’s learned he doesn’t have to sacrifice is his air quality.  Through purchasing an affordable iAirQ unit, he has the opportunity to take positive action, enhancing his quality of life, even if the rest of his life is full of uncertainty and adventure.