Man Cave: Pronounced Man-Keyv

If a momentary lapse of judgment or disagreement lands you in the doghouse, no worries. If you just want to escape from the screaming kids, barking dog, or teenager۪s loud music during extreme weather conditions, no worries. You can retreat to climate controlled space in warm or cold weather in comfort.

Until recent years, a cave represented the home of a cave man and typically did not represent comfortable surroundings and amenities. In modern times, the noun man cave has become a familiar term for both single and married men alike. For many, it has become a hobby all its own to have the greatest man cave on earth. If you are not as schooled on this phenomenon, a man cave is described as a dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends. 

Official websites have been developed to portray man caves as centralized locations to capture ideas, photos, product resources, and special events.  There are even official man cave laws that prevent any floral decorum, the presence of women, and the viewing of any gymnastic or ice skating event on the big screen!  For many, the man cave is housed in the garage but typically will not detract from a homes resale value or appearance.