If you live in cold winter climates, and own a pet or animals like dogs, cats, or even chickens and rabbits, you will probably find this information useful.
While there are different types of animals, and species within animal types vary widely, there are common sense ideas out there. Dr. Marty Becker, DVM, suggests focusing on the following ways to help keep your outdoor animal safe from extreme cold winter temperatures:
- Shelter with adequate insulation 
- Protect the paws and fur of short haired dogs and cats
- Calorie rich diets to provide adequate fuel to stay warm
- Keep the water supply liquid and plentiful
ClimateRight has two products that can help boost the effectiveness of your insulated shelter. If you do not have a well insulated or fully enclosed shelter, the following two heaters will provide the boost you might need.
CR2500ACH: Outdoor Dog House Heater and Air Conditioner. This unit will actually provide year-around cold and hot weather protection, dehumidification in summer, and create desired airflow. Unique design makes the installation simple and outside of the enclosed space.
CRPH1: ClimateSAFE 200w Electric Heater. This cost effective heating and fan solution is perfect for any small to medium enclosure, or just a spot heater for any space your pet or animals congregate. 
So let is snow...let it snow...let it snow. We can help improve about any atmosphere for both people and pets!