Work Shed - Climate RightIf you've only seen a shed as a place for storage, you're about to get some great ideas for how to make something entirely new out of that small building in your backyard. More and more often, homeowners are getting creative, and the results are sometimes beautiful, sometimes surprising, but always interesting.

There are three main things you have to consider when turning your shed into a new space:

  • Comfort

  • Functionality

  • Design

Keep those three things in mind as you read about these great shed ideas:

Work or Garden Shed

A work shed isn't an unfamiliar idea, but the stunning things owners are doing with their work sheds is a step above what you might imagine. From massive shelving units to hold any number of things to common-sense heating and air conditioning, these sheds work for you! Imagine a work table, shelves, heating, and a comfortable chairnow that's a work shed you could spend some time in.