With dreams of yesterday, summer kisses and winter tears, the word teardrop immediately evokes a nostalgic recollection of none other than Heartbreak Hotel and Elvis. Many of Elvis۪ songs included tears or teardrops in the lyrics like Before the Next Teardrop Falls. One can۪t help but take a step back to a simpler time when teardrops were completely cool.

teardrop elvisIn the 1940۪s and 1950۪s, tiny, towable, airfoil shaped trailersteardrop trailers were in and now they are making a big comeback among camping enthusiasts. These nostalgic camping vessels were overtaken by super-sized, hefty RVs and motor-homes. For those who were born after the 1950۪s, we cannot forget the teardrop trailers that were given away in the showcases on the Price Is Right game show hosted by Bob Barker in the 70۪s and 80۪s. The resurging popularity of these air conditioned teardrop trailers is a direct result of the need for a lighter camper that can be towed by smaller, more fuel efficient or green vehicles.   These trailers offer a comfortable bed for two and a galley to protect campers from the elements.  Some creative and passionate owners take these tiny trailers of nostalgia on the road along with a classic car, hot-rod, PT Cruiser, modern Smart car or some other historical vehicle.

As demand for these units continues to increase, savvy purchasers have options to purchase a new teardrop trailer, restore an old one or build one from scratch. A common question from those camping in extreme hot or cold weather is "can a teardrop be air-conditioned? to which the reply is a resounding "Yes!" Rest assured, there have been many talented, clever, and sweaty minds working on this problem since 1940. There have been numerous designs of swamp coolers, ice coolers, and other gizmos that use 12V battery power, but most of these increase humidity, which is fine in the dry western deserts, but will evoke screams of agony from folks in the humid east.

 Innovation by companies like ClimateRight has allowed these units to really be cool and climate controlled for camping comfort in any season. Whether you have a tear drop, a-liner/a-frame, pop up, chalet, or any other small camper or trailer that does not come with equipped with air conditioning and heating, ClimateRightâ is ideal for this application.  Today۪s teardrop trailers are available equipped with solid wood interior cabinets of various configurations to store clothing, personal items or for a small television. The interior also may consist of a linoleum floor, carpeted side walls and a vinyl clad headliner. Newer models have platforms that allow for hauling cargo like coolers bikes and toolboxes. Units manufactured today even have aluminum alloy wheels, fancy stripes and deadbolts. Some are even sturdy enough to accommodate up to 1,000 lbs of cargo like an ATV or dirt bike!

Families have made great memories of around the campfire over the years and continue to do so with the comforts of home now available in air conditioned tear drop trailers.