Interior RV Trailer from Happiness Is -- RV Trailer Climate Right AirWhen you think about your RV trailer, you probably think more about the practicality and usefulness it provides. Whether you۪'re camping or traveling, it۪s a great asset for any long trip or time spent away from home.

However, an RV trailer doesn۪'t have to look boring or outdated. Despite the small space, you can make it look elegant, modern, and perfectly suited for your tastesa mini home away from home!

Color. Anytime you۪'re working with a small space, color is going to have the biggest impact on the space, and carefully choosing colors can change the way the entire trailer feels.

Lighter colors make spaces look larger than they are by reflecting light. When possible, use light colors. If you can easily paint or re-panel the walls, try a white, light yellow, or light green. These colors will reflect the light extremely well and make you feel like the space is larger than it is.

Tip: Use higher watt bulbs in your interior lights whenever possible to provide the most light!

Complement those light colors with some darker, more vibrant ones to keep the space from looking to cold or sterile. Dark greens, blues, purples, and even reds are great complements to light-colored spaces.