In April 2015, we released this years’ updated models of CR2500ACH and CR5000ACH. We have made several improvements internally to the unit, and added some features. First, we would like to mention the primary applications for which we are seeing our customers use these versatile mini outdoor enclosure air conditioners and heaters. CR2500ACH Uses: • Outdoor pet and animal houses, pens, coops and kennels. Space must be enclosed or at least mostly enclosed in order to be effective. • Other micro-small enclosed spaces such as ATMs, Kiosks, small pantries, or any space that is less than about 400 cubic feet or less (L’ x W’ x H’). • Ideal for people, pets and things that need to stay relatively cool or lightly heated CR5000ACH Uses: • Living and Work Sheds • Small RV campers including Tear Drop Trailers • 10’x10’ enclosed pop-up tents • Cabin and lodge rooms less than 1200 cubic feet (L’ x W’ x H’) with good insulation Our customers almost universally tell us they love that is both cools and heats, is compact and portable, it sits outside of the enclosed space, thus avoiding rickety and unsightly window mounting. The unit sits outside, which means you really don’t see it, and can only faintly hear it. The CR2500ACH is the smallest btu size on the market. If you are averse to a portable unit that sits inside the room, this would be an ideal solution for your small cooling and heating needs. Here are some of the 2105 improvements, modifications and new features on both units: • Wired Remote Thermostat. We have had many requests for this new feature. The CRTHERMO {link this to product page} connects to either model CR2500ACH or CR5000ACH. This feature enables you to control setting from inside your enclosure versus having to point the remote, line-of-sight at the unit. This will only work with models that starting selling as of June 1, 2015. • Easier to install “Quick Connect” installation. The 2-hose system snaps right in place and is easier to install. • Copper Tubes and Compressor mounting was improved to provide more stability for bumps and resistance to vibrations. • For those that want a finished look inside the enclosed space, we are now selling the interior finishing kit CRINT • 2015 models are run by remote control versus having to operate the controls from the unit itself. We are at your service by phone or contact us by email if you have any questions about a particular specialty cooling or heating need.