Inverter Generators from The Handyman Club - RV Trailer Heating and Air ConditioningWhen you're traveling with your RV trailer, there are going to be times you can't get to a direct 110-volt outlet. You don't have to give up your comfort because you can't find an outlet, though! A portable generator is a great optioneasy to carry with you and makes the most of your trailer no matter what the situation!

One of the more popular generators is the inverter generator. Because they're significantly smaller and lighter than a classic gasoline generator, they're much easier to carry, and they are also much quieter. Even better: inverters are, on average, 20% more fuel efficient.

Great Uses for an Inverter Generator

They are great for mini motor homes, RV's, and trailers. In addition to the RV trailer heating and air conditioning, an inverter generator can provide power to a lot of different things that could prove useful when you're out and about. Everything you want on a trip, right at your fingertips!