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  • 31.07.12 0 Posted By Todd Arend

    Work Shed Offices are a Great IdeaMore and more often, people are finding jobs that allow them to work at home. Whether they're entrepreneurs starting a company, independent contractors doing consulting, or providing customer service online, it's a great option for those who can do so.

    There are a lot of benefits to working at home, but there are also some benefits to working outside of your home. Blogger Moorea Seal found this out by doing both, and she concluded that having a finished work shed with electricity, access to her own wireless internet, and invidividual heating and air in her own yard would be the best solution. Read on for some thoughts inspired by her experience.

  • 18.06.12 0 Posted By Todd Arend

    Don۪t sweat the small stuff. What about the bigger stuff? Don۪t sweat it. Shed it!

    Over the course of a few moves and cities, I have discovered that downsizing has more meaning than losing your job in Corporate America.  It now means deciding what items that you have managed to collect since leaving your parent۪s home must go to charity or perhaps back to your parent۪s shed.  For those less country savvy, a shed is typically a simple, single-story structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.

    Like a scene from the movie Grumpy Old Men, men need a barn also known as a shed to store lawn and garden equipment away from the garage simply because the neighbor has made the same purchase. Of course, for all intensive purposes, one is bigger and one is better than the other. I have discovered a way that truly the shed storing my belongings IS really better than the neighbors۪ shed. This special shed has heating and air conditioning capability thanks to an innovative new product developed by ClimateRight, a Columbus, Ohio based company. The CR-7000 Max has the ability of heating or cooling up to 1200 cubic feet of outdoor, enclosed structures and has multiple applications including providing comfort in the ever-popular man-caves.

    You are probably wondering what are the benefits of buying a CR-7000-aside from making it better than the neighbor۪s shed?  Heating and cooling the shed is very important if your treasured belongings from downsizing are going to be stored during the peaks of cold and heat. In most cases, it may be a short term storage solution, but for some it could last until your parents are tired of being a self-storage unit facility.


  • 14.06.12 0 Posted By Todd Arend

    See Spot sit. See Spot run. See Spot jump.

    Simple sentences from days gone by bring back many fond memories. It isn۪t hard to recall the classrooms or teachers in elementary school where vintage Dick and Jane books were an important and a positive part of the childhood educational process.  Learning to read utilizing these original readers are treasured childhood memories.  It is heartwarming to reminisce about the magical adventures of the adorable children and their care of famous pets Puff and Spot.

    Even today, our lives are very inclusive of the special times we share with our pets. Some families even plan a special family outing to celebrate the birthday of their pets complete with cake and doggie ice cream! This can be especially fun for children who can be involved in the planning and running of the party. For years to come, photos taken to commemorate these events and the life of our precious pets are treasured heirlooms. Since pet owners don't always know the date of birth of their pet, they often celebrate the day the animal became a part of the family as its birthday." According to a recent survey on The Pet Wiki, 36% of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday, as do 20% of cat owners. One of the best gifts that pet owners can give their pets is good health.

    Veterinarian professionals provide practical tips and care to help keep pets healthy and happy.  One of the most important tips provided is to make sure your home is a safe environment for your pet. This includes removing low electrical cords, toxic foods, plants, medicines and chemicals from within reach of your pet. Additionally, it is important to make sure that pets housed in outdoor pet houses benefit from climate-controlled settings that will prevent heat and cold related illnesses. A pet exposed to bitter cold may become lethargic, depressed, weak, and even could become hypothermic.  Similarly, pets exposed to extreme heat are vulnerable to heat related illnesses including heat stroke.  A regular physical is often the most overlooked pet health need today. Most people only take their pet to a veterinarian when a health problem already exists or for routine vaccinations.  A veterinary professional can also design a diet and exercise plan to meet your pet۪s specific needs to avoid obesity which can lead to serious pet diseases such as heart disease. The right kind of food and physical activity can also add to the quality of your pet۪s life.

    Without a doubt, our pets play a valuable role in the quality of our daily lives. They give us opportunities to exercise, keep us company and are sometimes responsible for saving us from life threatening situations. As pet owners,  we  have an obligation to provide the necessary resources to help them thrive and make memories for as long as possible!

  • 14.05.12 0 Posted By David Gamble

    A Bigger Trend_ The Tiny House

    Revolution is a strong and powerful word. It certainly is more powerful than the word trend. Not so long ago the word downsizing was used to describe an extended period of extreme job loss that changed the lives of many and dashed the dreams of home ownership for others. From 2008 to 2010 there was an increased awareness of American consumer habits as a result of the downturn in the economic climate that identified habits to live life LARGE including indulgence in super sized beverages, servings of French fries and even more importantly building McMansions that were far from modest homes.  A large percentage of those homes with extreme amenities are now assets or liabilities of bank portfolios.

    Historically, periods of economic hardship have resulted in success stories for large and small corporations alike. Companies that offer tiny houses may be the next great success stories on the timeline of our country. Without a doubt, this concept offers great spaces in great places. These homes are a creative and innovative alternative to traditional home ownership amidst a changed economic climate and a distressed housing market.  Tiny houses are also a great option for those who may be seeking a cabin or a second home away from the hustle and bustle of life. Tiny houses offer alternatives to paying high rent and are portable which alleviates the red tape of building codes and permits.

    Tiny houses are generally built to include 50 to 750 square feet and come complete with all of the necessary features of a comfortable home including portable heating and air conditioning.  Thanks to portable climate control, homeowners of tiny houses can even have outdoor pet houses and not have to worry about their pets acquiring heat or cold related illnesses. Tiny homes do not have unused hallway spaces and promote a more Earth Friendly lifestyle. Hallways in tiny houses can be utilized for storage spaces and homes are complete with a designer feel and look much like modern day homes.  The benefits of living in tiny houses are numerous and include:

    • No or low mortgage payments
    • A significant decrease in monthly utility bills
    • The possibility of off-grid living
    • More choices in where a person would like to live (think rural versus urban) 
    • Feeling a greater sense of control over one۪s finances, regardless of what۪s happening on the national/global scene
    • The ability to add a rental property for additional income for a fraction of the cost of new building construction
    • A lifestyle based upon simplicity, rather than complexity

    After giving the tiny house concept some consideration, many may ponder this question if my home is smaller, if I have less material items, can my house still be a home? Is keeping up with the Joneses more important than focusing on our passions and dreams?  More than likely the answer to both of these questions will be a resounding yes.  Simultaneously, we have all noticed an increased trend in restaurants offering Tapas and mini desserts to eager consumers who realize the value of eating healthier and smaller portions but benefit from exquisite flavors.

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