It goes without saying; taking care of a family is a full time job.  Katie, mother of three, understands this.  She also recognizes that in addition to providing the fundamental basics such as clothing, food, and shelter, she feels increasing concern to ensure her family has a high quality home environment.  Katie has made the switch to organic foods and natural cleaners.  She has purchased a water filtration system and is struggling with one last concern- the home air quality her family is exposed to.  This complex problem lends its roots to multiple sources. In addition to the three children of the Morris clan, there are three animal ‘children’– their ferret, dog, and parakeet.  In addition to companionship, these members contribute considerable dander and pet odors.  The home itself also poses its own challenges due to a recent renovation which included new carpet  and extensive painting. The introduction of these materials emits volatile compounds such as phthalates and formaldehyde.  With these many factors to account for, Katie is wondering how she can best provide clean air for her family, and at an affordable cost.

 Ferret, Dog and Bird

With an array of air filtration options on the market, it might be easy for Katie to get overwhelmed. And with most people spending 90% of their time indoors, the decision of which filtration system to purchase can have a significant impact. The ClimateRight iAirQ600 offers her a simple solution to this multi-faceted challenge.  


The filtration system provides five distinct components, each equipped to perform their specific function.  Upon air intake, the Pre-filter captures large particles such as dust and hair, extending the life of the HEPA filter, through which the air passes next.  In reducing 99.7 percent of the dust, smoke, bacteria and pollen, the HEPA filter is one of the most vital pieces of the filtration unit. It is able to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns.  That means even viruses can be eliminated from the air. The following filtration process is activated carbon, composed of a variety of high carbon-content substances including crushed walnut shells.  In this stage the odors and gaseous molecules are attracted to the porous surface of the carbon filter, which acts as a sponge.  Stage three of the filtration process creates photocatalytic oxidation, which might sound complicated, but is an effective process in which the air passes through the TiO2 filter which has been exposed to UV light.  When the air undergoes this stage, it is converted into highly reactive electrons which combine with other elements in the air, such as bacteria and volatile organic compounds.  Once these agents bind together, a chemical reaction takes place, completely transforming the harmful chemicals, effectively destroying them, or ‘burning’ them out of the air. Lastly, the ionization process is one of the most crucial.  The ionizer creates negative ions which are released into the air attaching to dust, pollen, pet dander and other particles to form larger particles that are easily captured by the air cleaner’s filters.  In order for the ionizer to act most effectively, the HEPA filter must not be obstructed, which can be ensured through regular maintenance and replacement.

The iAirQ600 can perform these amazing functions for areas up to 600 square feet, perfect for Katie’s living room, a busy hub of both kid and pet activity. The iAirQ600 offers replacement filters and components for easy upkeep, as well as several color options including white, black, silver, and champagne, to match almost any home décor.  The sleek design of the compact iAirQ600 blend well into any home, and weighs in at 16 pounds for easy relocation to another room of the house.  ClimateRight also offers these quality filtration systems at reasonable price points, allowing families to enjoy cleaner home air, without the worry of heavy financial burden.


The iAirQ600 is a great choice for Katie and her family, providing relief from home environment toxins, offending animal odors, and excessive dander.  Considering the many daily choices Katie is presented with concerning her family’s well-being, the iAirQ600 makes the decision of home air filtration simple.  ClimateRight’s iAirQ600 offers a stylized and highly effective filtration system which guarantees superior air quality for her family.