ClimateRight New Product Launch Well Received at 2012 Global Pet Expo

Columbus, OH, April 9, 2012 ClimateRight launched its new 2012 CR-2550 air conditioning and heating unit for outdoor pet houses including dog houses. The reaction of buyers, veterinarians, media and the pet industry in general was very positive. Some who walked by ClimateRight۪s exhibit booth snickered at the idea of a dog house air conditioner as being too much luxury for pets. That is not the point of the product. Most got the real point, which is that the product keeps pets safe from heat related health issues like heat stress and heat stroke.

ClimateRight is a portable outdoor air conditioner and heater - all in one unit. It is uniquely made for small outdoor enclosures. Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle Expert, Speaker and Writer quickly recognized the value: Outdoor pets such as dogs in Florida, Texas, California, and many other areas, suffer from extreme heat. This product is a godsend. While at the show, she made sure ClimateRight immediately appeared on Animal Tracks Global Pet Expo new product reviews. The product also was mentioned live on air on LA News/Talk 1260/540 KGIL.

ClimateRight will soon be announcing a Veterinarian program. Pet industry expert, veterinarian Doctor Marty Becker said recently on ABC۪s Good Morning America۪s 5 Ways To Keep Pets Cool This Summer۪ segment: ClimateRight heats in the winter and cools in the summer. Dogs do not sweat, so it is hard for them to tolerate high temperatures as well as humans.  Once the dog's temperature reaches 106š, damage to the body's cellular system and organs may become irreversible.