Dear Valued Friends, Customers, Dealers and Vendors,


2013 has been a year of great change for ClimateRight. We will continue to innovate and expand applications and products in 2013 and beyond. Here is a recap and update of where things stand as of May 3, 2013:

Now Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.

We made a decision last year to design and assemble in the U.S.A versus China. This has been quite a major transition (not without bumps in the road), but will benefit all of us in the long run with
improvements in product development and smoother inventory supply. 

Expanding Product Line

We are broadening our product line. Based on customer demand and preferences, we will be marketing both Air Conditioning only units and A/C + Heat models.

As of the date of this blog post, we are marketing only A/C units to meet the summer air conditioning demand. Our product development team including outstanding engineers and HVAC specialists are making progress.

Here is the lineup of products and the expected shipping dates. Note that the number (i.e. 5000,8000, etc.) denotes the btu series of that model. Note that all items designated AC at the end are Air Conditioning only. Items designated with ACH at the end are Air Conditioning and Heating capable. 

SeriesModel #Expected Ship Date
  CR-5000-AC  Week of June 3, 2013
  CR-5000-ACH  Estimate Mid summer 2013
  CR-8000-AC  Week of July 1, 2013
  CR-8000-ACH  Estimate Mid summer 2013
  CR-12000-AC  Week of July 15, 2013
  CR-12000-ACH  Estimate Mid summer 2013
  CR-14000-AC  Week of July 15, 2013
  CR-14000-ACH  Estimate Mid summer 2013


CR-5000 Series for Outdoor Dog Houses

We have been getting questions about whether the CR-5000 series is suitable for outdoor dog and pet houses. The answer is yes. We simply have the following simple common senses suggestions and thoughts.

1) All models run for a minimum of 3 minutes until the compressor shuts off. Therefore, very small enclosures will cool off within a short amount of time.
2) Set the A/C to about no less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is never necessary to have the pet house reach room temperature.
3) It is probably a good idea to have a minimum of 28 cubic feet of enclosed space, which is the size of most large sized and above dog houses.
4) Buy an inexpensive diffuser such as the one shown below from your local hardware or home center. We will be selling these separately soon for your convenience.

ClimateRight diffuser for dog houses

Hook-Up Accessory Will Be Sold Separately

The market has spoken. One size and type of accessory kit does not fit all. The product was born to cool and heat outdoor pet houses. There are now literally dozens more applications including small RVs, trailers, tents, outdoor work sheds, cabins, garages, server rooms, kiosks, trucks and many more.

For our introductory product launch of the CR-5000-AC we will be including the Hook-Up Accessory Kit FREE, which will work with most walls including dog houses, small sheds and small RVs. In the near future, we will be announcing accessory hook-up kits to be sold separately. Our web site and eblasts on this program will be coming May 2013.

Our goal is to provide hookup accessories that will make it easy end users to install and operate ClimateRight. Our web site will detail these accessory products in the weeks to come.

Portable Generator Inverters

Based on the growing demand for ClimateRight in the camping and RV market, we will be introducing a line or portable generators and inverters what will work to power ClimateRight and your other products needing electric. We will be making a product announcement soon.

New Partnership with Midwest Equipment Sales

On April 5, 2013, we announced ClimateRight and Midwest Equipment Sales, an international distributor whose reputation for customer service and integrity is outstanding. We are all very excited about this partnership and company vision to enable customers to cool and heat anyplace imaginable. Click our press release to find out more.

New Order Desk and Staff

We are pleased to announce Adam Hayes, your primary customer service, sales, and technical support rep. Adam۪s professional career includes licensed technical and sales functions within the HVAC industry. Here is the contact info for the order desk (note: the email address for the order desk has changed!)


Phone: 800-7-CLIMATE (800-725-4628) extension 2

Thank You

We appreciate and thank you for all of your past and future business with ClimateRight, and we are optimistic about our future.

Todd Arend, GM and Founder

ClimateRight LLC Division of Midwest Equipment Sales