What remote island was I visiting when portable air conditioning and heating became a mobile application?

I consider myself well-informed and fairly technology savvy professional. On rare occasions, I may miss a new product launch only to find out through conversations on social media that my current portable technology is now a dinosaur and ready for a trip to the Smithsonian.

Mobile apps still amaze me given that I grew up in the 80۪s when cell phones or home computers were barely conceptualized. It۪s really amazing that my Android phone has applications as a recipe book, shopping resource, movie rental kiosk, flashlight, radio, and the list goes on.

Similar to the rising numbers of American using mobile apps, it is no surprise that a mobile application now exists for the 78.2 million dog owners and 86.4 million cat owners in the US. Mobile translates to portable in this instance. If you watch Good Morning America, you may have noticed a segment that featured innovative, new products for pets. ClimateRightâ has developed a mobile (portable) unit for heating and cooling pet houses. The CR-2550 mini was recently unveiled and provides portable air conditioning and heating that is easy to install, affordable and most of all keeps beloved pets safe.

Most dog and cat owners consider their pets as a member of the family and in some cases they are family! As such, there is no cost spared to keep the pets well fed, entertained and most importantly healthy.  Numerous studies have shown that pet ownership can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol, feelings of loneliness and increase your opportunities for socialization, exercise and outdoor activities.  Having veterinary professionals in my immediate family makes a believer out of me in this regard.