Don۪t sweat the small stuff. What about the bigger stuff? Don۪t sweat it. Shed it!

Over the course of a few moves and cities, I have discovered that downsizing has more meaning than losing your job in Corporate America.  It now means deciding what items that you have managed to collect since leaving your parent۪s home must go to charity or perhaps back to your parent۪s shed.  For those less country savvy, a shed is typically a simple, single-story structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.

Like a scene from the movie Grumpy Old Men, men need a barn also known as a shed to store lawn and garden equipment away from the garage simply because the neighbor has made the same purchase. Of course, for all intensive purposes, one is bigger and one is better than the other. I have discovered a way that truly the shed storing my belongings IS really better than the neighbors۪ shed. This special shed has heating and air conditioning capability thanks to an innovative new product developed by ClimateRight, a Columbus, Ohio based company. The CR-7000 Max has the ability of heating or cooling up to 1200 cubic feet of outdoor, enclosed structures and has multiple applications including providing comfort in the ever-popular man-caves.

You are probably wondering what are the benefits of buying a CR-7000-aside from making it better than the neighbor۪s shed?  Heating and cooling the shed is very important if your treasured belongings from downsizing are going to be stored during the peaks of cold and heat. In most cases, it may be a short term storage solution, but for some it could last until your parents are tired of being a self-storage unit facility.