Outdoor Pet Houses - Climate Right AirIf you۪re allergic to cats, dogs, or other furry creatures, you are in good company. In fact, 15 to 20% of Americans have an allergy to one or more animals. The symptoms can range from sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes to headaches and breaking out in hives.

Unfortunately, this means it۪s hard to be a pet owner for a significant portion of the population, especially since you can have an allergic reaction from coming in contact with dander, saliva, or urine, which are often unavoidable if you care for a pet. However, some pet owners are making it work, and there are tips to making it work.

How to Live with a Pet

Many doctors will recommend giving your Fido or Fifi a new home, but unless your reactions are severe, that might not be necessary. Instead, try these:

  • Move the pet outside. Many pets do quite well outside, especially given a safe environment with a fence and a cozy outdoor pet house. Keeping them nearby but out of the fabrics of your house will do wonders for your allergies!