Columbus, OH, October 16, 2017 – Just in time for cold fall and winter weather, ClimateRight has launched a brand new safe and effective pet heater gadget for outdoor pets and animals. The ClimateSAFE™ is a small wall-mounted 200W radiant heater and fan which can be used in areas such as outdoor pet houses, chicken coops, and rabbit huts. The unit runs on normal 120v electric.

Installation and operation is very simple and supported with a detailed installation video. The controls allow for heat mode or fan mode providing ideal circulation in warmer weather. The radiant heater can be controlled with the manual heat level adjustment knob. The unit will get very warm in heat mode, but the heating element is shrouded so it will not become excessively hot. It is highly recommended the installation of the unit is placed above your animal(s) for maximum comfort and protection. It is also required that the unit is mounted in a dry place within the enclosure.

Extreme heat and cold can affect the health and well-being of pets and animals. Moving air in tight spaces also increases air quality, comfort and decreases humidity in summer. ClimateSAFE by ClimateRight is a cost effective solution for you and your pet. Products can be found on our web site, Amazon and EBay.

ClimateRight is a Columbus, Ohio company specializing in unique air quality solutions for the home, office and outdoor structures and enclosures. ClimateRight is the leading innovator and manufacturer for a variety of products for outdoor living pet and animal cooling and heating needs. For more information, visit or email