We all know about ducted central air conditioning and heating units, portable indoor room air conditioners, heaters, window air conditioners, and the like for household and apartment usage. What is little known, is that there are specialty air conditioning and heating units for a wide variety of outdoor livable structures (for people, pets and animals!)


ClimateRight perfected the best and only outdoor dog house cooling and heating unit in 2009 specifically designed for that special application. In fact, Good Morning America recognized not only the uniqueness of the product, but also the safety of keeping a loved pet or animal population safe in extreme climate conditions.


As time went on, customers asked for other portable air conditioning and heating products for other unique applications such as living and work sheds, garage work spaces, small teardrop trailers and tow-behind sleepers, enclosed pop-up tents, outdoor playhouses, boat cabins, and many more great ideas.


Some of the main features of our heating and cooling products include the following unique aspects:


• Out of sight. The A/C and heater sits outside of your enclosed space (with the exception of our split systems, which rest both inside and outside). The unit ducts into your structure with our patented “Quick Connect” hose and flange-lock system. Why is this important? Many people like the unit away from site and mind, unlike unsightly portable and window units.

• Quiet operation and “out of sight – out of mind”. You are simply just more comfortable.

• All weather. Our units are all-weather NEMA-4 rated. This means they can sit outside in the elements without fear failure due to electronic components being compromised.
3-in-1. Heating, cooling and dehumidification capabilities make ClimateRight a real value for your dollar


ClimateRight CR2500ACH

There are specific applications that are recommended highly by our customers. We have sold thousands of units for the following unique needs.


We have new, innovative and larger cooling and heating units coming that are perfect for trailers, tiny houses, and sun and all-weather rooms.